A minute past midnight

We wanted to let all our lovely patrons know how we will be working from a minute past midnight on Monday 19th July, to coincide with the final easing of restrictions

At Legends we will continue to maintain the majority of our COVID-safe protocols which will mean an ongoing focus on sanitising high traffic surfaces, providing sanitiser stations for our patrons, and ongoing display of the NHS QR code. Importantly, there will continue to be a strong emphasis on good ventilation, supported by the venue’s excellent air handling, especially in the Basement Club. Music volumes will be maintained at a level that we hope will represent a strong balance between creating a great vibe but at the same time ensuring our customers do not have to shout, which is a key COVID protocol. Finally, our staff will strive to maintain the highest standards in line with HM Government advice

Where our customers will notice important changes will be around the service we offer. Once again the bar will be open and we would encourage all customers to approach this on arrival to order their food and drink; table service will be reduced accordingly There will be no requirement for our patrons to ‘check in’ on arrival, nor will face coverings be mandated; however, it is absolutely the decision of our customers and staff alike should they wish to wear a mask or similar

We have come a long way in the last year with the support of the entire Legends family and are excited about the months ahead; we aim to offer a great venue for everyone to enjoy with a measured and diligent approach to creating a clean and COVID-safe environment